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You will see from our home page that we have been endorsed by, and we are Followed by, some of the most powerful Celebrities in Hollywood. We are creating valuable Community-oriented content that is having a deeply positive impact.

As we grow, many small Businesses are supporting our goals and in return reaping the intrinsic benefits, as well as, getting their Company name on the Privileged Sponsors page--and so raising awareness about their Company-- and also being documented as supporters, in our Company records, thus storing up privileges with  Privileges such as access, greatly reduced pricing to advertise, online event opportunities with Celebrities, etc...

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Privileged Sponsors are those who believe in what is doing.

In fact, on the Privileged Sponsors page, you will see large Companies that are also integrated elsewhere in's social media and online presence (that already Sponsor in various ways, including contributing at high dollar amounts) but you will also see something very different, as well.  On the Privileged Sponsor page, you will see those Companies and Individuals who have made smaller monetary contributions, alongside the larger Companies that Sponsor  Not only is this an opportunity for larger Companies to let the Community know the kind of grassroots efforts that they support, but it is also a place for Individuals and smaller Businesses to raise their brand recognition with key players in the industry--and with the greater Community, at large.

The expressive creations that come from have been marked by major Influencers in the industry, as well as very powerful Celebrities, as content that should be recognized in the educational, and creative arenas.  By contributing to, not only are you supporting that effort, but, in addition, as a small Business, you are also placing yourself in a position where your name recognition, and awareness about your product or service, is afforded a unique introduction with powerful leaders and with the grassroots Community.

In addition, keeps careful notes of all those who have supported various efforts, especially those who have supported in the process of's growth.  Because of this, those who become Privileged Sponsors, now, will have, just as the name suggests, •privileges• with outsiders and newcomers, who didn't have the same vision to get involved, will •not• have.

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Privileged Sponsors

McGuire Buick GMC

Vidal Allen, Manager

7027 Kennedy Blvd

North Bergen, NJ


Eye Contact Vision Center

7733 Bergenline Ave

North Bergen, NJ


Palacios Restaurant



y Mas

5211 Bergenline Ave

West New York, NJ



Chelsea Bicycles

Sale, Repair, & Rental

586  32nd Street

Union City, NJ


Gold Attachment 

Sewing Supply

7051 Kennedy Blvd.

North Bergen, NJ 

Office:  201-854-0320

Cell:  201-486-6335

Chidi Eze & Associates

Civil Rights Litigation

255 Livingston Street

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Park Avenue Bagels

7015 Park Avenue

Guttenberg, NJ



The Flower Shop

3506-A  New York Ave.

Union City, NJ


Cabo Restaurant

Food from Ecuador

7004 Broadway

Guttenberg, NJ 


Lotus Restaurant

Thai Cuisine

7007-09 Park Avenue

Guttenberg, NJ 


Aguila Express

Mexican Hand-

crafted Products 

Also Worldwide 


5501 Palisade Ave.

West New York, NJ 



Juice Bar & Cafe

4115 Park Avenue 

Union City, NJ 


Gandhi International Market

Range of Convenience Items

& Delicious Sandwiches!

6300 Broadway

West New York, NJ 


Hudson Wellness

Physical Therapy

7310 Bergenline Ave.

North Bergen, NJ 


Tennis Shoe Warehouse

Designer Sneakers, 

Shoes & Boots 

at low low prices

530-52nd Street

West New York, NJ 


La Casa De Reloq

508 a 39th street

Union City, NJ 07087


The Burp Kitchen

Galaxy Towers

7000 Kennedy Blvd East

Guttenberg, NJ 07093

Indian Food; Very healthy



Nikita's Salon

7000 Kennedy Blvd East

Guttenberg, NJ 07093

Full Service & Accessories


Attorney Lloyd Bennett

Immigration Lawyer

4713 Bergenline Avenue

Union City, NJ 


Jimmy's Hair supply 

Hair Extension Designer

334 - 61st St.

West New York, NJ 


(Moved...More info 


Freestyle Hair Studio

All Hair Types

7711 Broadway 

North Bergen, NJ 


International Photo Pronto

Weddings, Sweet 16, 

Photo Studio, Passport

4321 Bergenline Ave.

Union City, NJ 


Samra Interior Design 

6811 Bergenline Ave.

Guttenberg, NJ 


Trova Cuban Cafe

7723 Bergenline Avenue

North Bergen, NJ 


Acqua Salon 

Expert care for 

Nails & Skin 

Men, Women 

& Children

5124 Bergenline Ave.

West New York, NJ 



Aguila Express

Shipping Worldwide

5501 Palisade Ave.

West New York, NJ 


Krystal's Grocery Store

Convenience Items

& Groceries

6700 Palisade Ave

West New York, NJ


Jackie's Beauty Place

7710 Bergenline Ave

North Bergen, NJ 07047


St. Barbara 

Jewelry Repair


de Joyeria

7305 Bergenline Ave

North Bergen, NJ 



ORell Computers 

& Videos

Computer Repair 

& Sale

3511 NY Ave

Union City, NJ 



Gold Attachment

Sewing Supply

7051 Kennedy Blvd

North Bergen, NJ


Sewing Machines for 

Sale, Rent & Parts;

Clothing Alterations, 

Thread, Needles, 

Hangers & Poly Bags

Tony Novante's Pizzeria

4601-4603 Park Ave

Union City, NJ

Office:  201-751-5556

Fax:  201-751-5559

Chelsea Bicycles

586 32nd Street

Union City, NJ


Subia's Cafe 

& Marketplace

Vegan Food; 

Hablamos Español

506 Jersey Ave

Jersey City, NJ 



Family EcoDental



407  39th Street

Union City, NJ


Forest Water Store

6712 Park Ave 

Guttenberg, NJ 



Cell 201-424-8378

IRepair & Color LLC

6704 Bergenline Ave

West New York, NJ



We Fix, Buy, Sell, & 

Unlock All Phones

& Tablets!!!

20 Min Cracked 

Screen Replacements




Water Damage/

Charging Issues/



Kenny Peake

Aura Maria Chalarca

Daysi'O Galleria

Thank you Walgreens, 

with Manager Terry Chisolm,

Whole Foods and Mcguire

Buick GMC,

for all you

are doing

to support

the Local Community.  

Thank you

for caring

about local Families,

and Businesses.