Private Clients

Being a Private Client of Models For Community is by request or invite only. If you have been invited, we strongly recommend that you forward your PO box or mailing address for products. If you have not been invited, send a 2-sentence explanation of why you should be accepted, as well as a PO box or mailing address to receive items.

Our Clients are Celebrities and 

Community leaders.

Receiving an invitation is a mark of prestige, and a valuable Group to be engaged with.  When you identify an item that you would like to purchase, we coordinate your purchases with the Companies we promote, very easily.  If you decide to purchase from a Company that we promote, directly, always alert us immediately, as this increases your benefits and privilege with us, exponentially.

We are very protective of all of our Private Clients and their information, and we are fervent about raising awareness about Companies that are Making a Difference. We believe that empowering those who are doing right by those around them, is a way to create a better Community! 

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Private Client - 6 Month Period $20

*If we cannot accept your application for any reason, your payment will be returned.

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