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Having Private Clients who are Celebrities, Models, Community Leaders, and Established Organizations, we have an inside view of what is most sought-after, and we put you in the forefront.  In fact, we harness our connections with heavyweights in the Industry, to bolster your Company in --just-- the right way.

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*Note, we are very selective.  If we have extended an invitation to you, to have us promote your Company, we have already researched you, and we are already working on your behalf.  No other marketing platform does this, and we take our work very seriously.

We work strictly with Celebrities, Models, Community Leaders, and Established Organizations.  If we have extended an invitation to you, we highly recommend that you accept it.  We want to work with Natural and Organic, as well as Conscious Companies, that are decisive, and that know exactly how they want to impact the world!

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Premier Promotional Package - Level 3


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

10 Months of Promotion

Premier Promotional Package - Level 2


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

6 Months of Promotion

Premier Promotional Package - Level 1


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

1 Month of Promotion

HC re-sign 6 mo - Honorary - Limited - List

Plant - Re-sign HC - 2 Mo

Privileged Sponsor ---------

What is a Privileged Sponsor?

You say, " I feel it in my gut. Something even more huge is going to happen with!" You're excitedly saying, "I've seen the extremely large Celebrity Following; I've watched the host on Twitter--and I think she's the next Oprah Winfrey / Naomi Campbell!"

The only thing is, you say, "I know, by the time things totally take off, a Marketing or Ad campaign, will likely be far out of my reach!"

Well, become a Privileged Sponsor!

What will you get?

You will join so many Celebrities-- from Steven Tyler, to Alfre Woodard, to Naomi Campbell to Denise Richardson, to Paulo Coelho, to Dr. Oz--
who have personally shown kindness and/or supported our Community in one way or another, when others just didn't understand it-- and so, have truly helped us on our way.

You will be entitled to positioning and influence in our Community, and standing on the site, that newcomers who didn't have the same vision or fortitude, will not have access to. Your name will be placed on the Privileged Sponsors page, along with Companies who have long-standing Campaigns with us-- which is already a privilege-- and as we grow and become more and more nationally recognized, you will have already reserved benefits that outsiders will not have.  In addition, if you decide to formally launch a campaign with us, for your Business, you will have advantages and influence that outsiders cannot attain at the level that you will have, because you have remained with us, and believed in what we are doing, before others even understood it.  Campaign costs   that others may not be able to afford, will be in whatever way necessary, altered for you, so that your Business is able to take part.  

Our Outreaches will also be impacted by you, and the influence that we have on the Global Community, is one that you will know you are a strong part of.

What more do you need to know?

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Note:  The Premier Promotional Packages at the $1000, $500 and $150 levels include submissions to our Private Clients.  

Consequently, Private Clients are those Celebrities, Models, Grassroots Community Leaders, and Organizations with whom we've developed relationships, and who have already expressed an interest in those who Sponsor us.  For Premier Promotional Packages for larger Companies, there is an intensification of contact made with our Consumer Community on the Sponsor's behalf.

All campaigns are strategically designed to bring about desired results for every budget.

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Note: For all Premier Promotional Packages, $2000 and above, 

Package acquisition is as follows:

$2000 is for the year, and includes

integration into our Creative
Presentations, as well

as "wild card" banner placement

on the site.

$3500 is for the year, and includes 

integration into our Creative
Presentations, and 

regular monthly placement in the "Featured Products" section.

$5000 is for the year, and includes

integration into our Creative

regular monthly placement in 

the "Featured Products" section,

and active submissions to

Private Clients.

$10,000 is for the year,

and includes integration into 

our Creative
Presentations, regular monthly 

placement in the "Featured 

Products" section,

active submissions to

Private Clients, specific

Mentions in our Outreaches,

and Marketing to our

Larger Organizations.

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