Music Video Sponsorship

Music Video Sponsorship is the most requested Sponsorship from, at the current time.  Celebrities have taken a special interest in how we are spreading positive messages  through Music, which is one of the reasons why there is such attention in this area.

The Music Videos that we post often include our Celebrity supporters--and the opportunity for Businesses to raise awareness about their very valuable Products and Services, has been quite powerful.

Music Video Sponsorship is only $150 per month.  Once you complete the payment process below, you simply email to, the link to the site that you will be advertising.  As we like to keep our Community engaged, with frequent posts, the Music Video with your Company or Organization featured, will be posted to Twitter, within 2 Business days.

We are very pleased that Companies of the highest caliber continue to take such a strong interest in us.

We look forward to more...


The payment process is very easy.

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Music Video Sponsorship-- 1 Month