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Celebrities! Celebrities that love us!


Celebrities that love!

Steven Tyler & many more love!

Some of the SuperStars who Follow us

Naomi Campbell


Kathy Ireland


Niki Taylor


MC Hammer


Corin Nemec


Ben Jealous



Hollywood is calling!

Stars who have been personally amazing to us!


Hollywood is calling!


We are becoming more and more

recognized, and loved, in Geneva, NY.

We are also especially loved in

Hudson County and NYC, and

adored by those who love Natural and Organic Products, as well as those who see the value of focusing on Sustainability-- 

and so

has undoubtedly also gone-- worldwide!

In our current Campaign, we are teaming up with Hollywood to share our Music.

And, how excited is Hollywood about
our Outreach?

SuperModels like Naomi Campbell, Kathy Ireland and Niki Taylor follow us on Social Media.  SuperStar MC Hammer does as well.  TV phenom Corin Nemec and Jack McCain, son of legendary Presidential Candidate, John McCain, have shown us endless kindness online.  

In addition, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, 90210's AnnaLynne McCord, Desperate Housewives' Alfre Woodard (first Celebrity to endorse PBS's Denise Richardson, Actress and Memory SuperStar Marilu Henner, Italian Vogue SuperModel Ayan Elmi, Legendary SuperModel Andie MacDowell and Ralph Lauren's SuperModel, Ubah Hassan,-- are among the many Celebrities who have endorsed and there is so much more!

We are amazed at how those in the public eye, and those who are so esteemed, gravitate towards us, so strongly. 

We are growing and growing!
And more extraordinary things 
are on the way!


We promote Businesses and Organizations that are Making a Difference. 

If you have a wonderful Product or Service that makes the Community better, register with us, and let us promote you.  Through our strong Influence in the Twitter Community, and amongst Celebrities, as well as, Online--we will work to raise awareness about you; and how your Company is Making a Difference.

This is having a very powerful impact on 

many Companies' bottom line.

We are extending our registration, which is usually for artists only-- to newcomers to our Sponsorship Community.  This registration lasts for the entire year, and we will integrate you into our valuable discussions and Videos, Online.  We will also include a link to you on our 

Celebrity-loved site,, also known as, Models For Community.

Registration lasts for a whole year!


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